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Meet The Memphis Distiller Bringing Whiskey To West Tennessee
Meet The Memphis Distiller Bringing Whiskey To West Tennessee

By: Caroline Eubanks via Southern Living

Memphis is known for its music and barbecue, but certainly not whiskey. But Alex Castle, master distiller of Old Dominick, seeks to change that. She’s making a name for the city and herself as the first female master distiller in Tennessee after Prohibition. But it wasn’t the spirit that first attracted her to the industry.

“In high school, I decided to study chemical engineering, because I'd fallen in love with chemistry, physics and higher level math. My...

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Buster's Rated #10 among top 100 Retailers
Buster's Rated #10 among top 100 Retailers

BROTHERS JOSH AND MORGAN HAMMOND, along with their mother Gay Hammond, currently own Buster’s, which was originally established by R.M “Buster” Hammond, Sr. in 1954 near downtown Memphis. According to Josh, Buster’s was established during the “heyday” of the Motown music movement, with such famous entities like Stax and Royal Studios located nearby. 


Before opening the liquor store, Buster had already earned a great reputation in the neighborhood with his “gift of gab” while operating HamKirks...

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In the wise words of Buster himself,

"Alcohol is like a grizzly bear. You can wrestle with it all you want,

...but you ain't ever gonna win."

This page is dedicated to creating awareness for alcohol abuse. Please take the time to think of yourself and those around you who may benefit from these resources. At Buster's, we are sincerely concerned for those who are consumed by indulgence, addiction, or disease. Below are links and phone numbers to local area treatment cent...

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Buster's Owners Savor Sweet Taste of Wine
by Kate Miller
Memphis Business Journal, May of 2003

In its 35 years at the corner of Poplar and Highland, Buster's Liquors & Wines has established a reputation as the place that has everything.

The reputation has been well-tended and enhanced by multiple expansions and product additions that have resulted in a 10,000 sq-foot store with a 7,000 item inventory.

Chief operating officer Josh Hammond says expanding the store's selection was a priority for his father and company president Rommy Hammond...

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In The Blood
For The Hammond Brothers, Success Runs in the Family
by Kevin Wood
Agenda Magazine, September 1998

The year was 1985. American moviegoers packed theaters to seeCocoon, a film about three male senior citizens who sneak into the swimming pool of a vacant rental house and discover that the mysterious pools water has remarkable, rejuvenating powers, giving the elderly trio the strength, stamina, and vigor of teenage boys.

Fast-forward 13 years to the summer of 1998, when I accept an assignment to chroni...

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They Have Your Spirit

R.M. Buster Hammond Jr. founded Buster’s Liquors & Wines Inc. (Buster’s) in 1954. In its third generation of family ownership, the growing business offers a selection of wine, liquor and high-proof beer, boasting “if we don’t have it, you don’t need it.” The company has garnered recognition for quality in selection and service on a number of occasions, as quality in selection and service on a number of occasions, as Buster’s was voted the premier wine shop and liquor store for the Memphi...

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Like Father, Like Sons
Joshua and Morgan Hammond reflect the past and look to the future
by Sarah Lacey
Market Watch Leaders, September 2000

The one thing Joshua and Morgan Hammond were sure of
when they entered college was that they didn't want to be in the family business. Only time would prove them wrong.

In 1987, Morgan, now 32, had been attending the University of Memphis Business School off and on for five years, all the while working part-time for his father, Romulus (Rommy) Hammond, a 1989 MARKET WATCH LEADER, and...

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Why Would a Local Liquor Store Advertise in Destin?
by Memphis Business Journal, June 1990

Why would a local liquor store advertise in Destin Fla.? Romulus Hammond, owner of Buster's Liquor at Highland and Poplar, says he advertises in the skies over the Gulf Resort town because he runs into more Memphians there than when he's home.

Hammond has a small plane tow a banner on Thursdays over the beaches of Destin - nicknamed Little Memphis and Memphis Beach - wishing them a happy vacation.

He started the aerial promotions three years ago "as a way to s...

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Grenada Family Has Been Presented Video Set by Memphis Liquor Dealer
by Mrs. Guy Smith
Grenada, Mississippi Daily Sentinel-Start, August 1956

The entire McClamroch family may now enjoy top TV programs.

Recently Mrs. Kayo McClamroch was stopped, arrested, and fined in PanolaCounty for having in her possession some liquor purchased on a trip to Memphis. The occasion was a little party planned for some guests and friends in the evening following the dedication of the Grenada Dam on July 25.

Deputy Sheriff Leon Brown, who operates an eating establishment in Batesville, st...

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Good Evening!
By Robert Johnson
April 1963

This is the week when the horses run for the roses and the customers with winning tickets run to collect at Churchill D
owns. Buster Hammond and Mrs. Hammond have some of the happiest Kentucky Derby memories of all, but they won't be there.

"Frankly, I've always been afraid to go back," Buster said. The Kentucky Derby helped pay for their home 18 years ago with a big assist from their son Rommy, now 22 and
a CBC student, and Mrs. Hammond. It happened in spite of Buster.

Inside Memphis Business
by Richard J. Alley
Inside Memphis Business, October 2014
Buster’s is Watching the Ballot

The tolling of a bell on South Bellevue in 1954 could have meant only one thing: Romulus Morgan Hammond Jr. — “Buster,” as he was known — had just recorded his first sale of the day. That sale might have been a pint of whiskey or a liter of gin, but either way it meant another nickel in the cash drawer.
These days, Buster’s Liquors & Wines relies more on scanners to handle the droves of customers and their...

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New & Improved Website!

New & Improved Website!  Save Time, Order Online, and We Deliver

Our customers deserve and expect an incredible online experience whether on desktop or mobile devices. You can now access thousands of items, reviews, and order online for curbside pickup or home/office delivery. We proudly present our upgraded e-commerce website and hope it will enhance your shopping experience.   

Thank you for shopping Buster's! 

Hammond Family


Shop 15,000 Items 

 Enjoy Thousands of Reviews 

 Search by Name, Varietal, P...

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All in the Family

All in the Family
Buster’s is a Memphis institution.
By Maura Keller 2016

The family business has long been a staple in the American economy. According to the small Business administration, about 90 percent of all U.S. businesses are family owned or controlled.

Buster’s Liquors & Wines in Memphis, Tennessee is one such family-owned entity. For more than six decades, multiple generations of the Hammond family have been working hard at founding and growing a successful liquor retail business that...

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R.M. "Rommy" Hammond, III

Rommy Hammond
Owner, Chairman of the Board

"One of these days, I'm gonna have the largest liquor store in Memphis!" Rommy said those words when Buster's was just a two man operation with his dad, Buster. And he wasn't kidding. Seeing a trend in the late 1960's with the city's growth to the suburbs, Rommy and Buster closed their respective shops downtown and ventured "way out" east to our present day location at Poplar and Highland. Selling mostly liquor, Rommy saw an un-met demand for wine and he...

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Buster's Pursues Fresh Opportunities

The single-unit Memphis, Tennessee, store takes advantage of changing state laws to grow its presence, online and off.

From left: Morgan, Rommy and Joshua Hammond own and operate Buster’s Liquors & Wines in Memphis, Tennessee. The store embraces legal change and technological innovation through its growing online business. (Photo by Hollis Bennett) 2015

Buster’s Liquors & Wines has seen its fair share of change over the years. Founded in 1970, with roots dating back to 1954, the Memphis, Tenn...

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Filling Need

Filling Need
Buster’s seeks to be “Bass Pro of Booze"


Buster’s Liquors & Wines’ longtime East Memphis presence is about to get even bigger.

The third-generation family business, which began in 1954, has been in the University Center near the corner of Poplar Avenue and Highland Street since moving into its original 800-square-foot space in 1970.

Buster's president Josh Hammond displays a bottle of Papi Joe's Hot Pepper Sauce, a locally produced bloody mary mix that is among many non-alcoholic fo...

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Buster's Liquors and Wines

US Business Executive
Produced by James Logan and Written by Molly Shaw


For the last 61 years, third-generation family-owned Buster’s Liquors and Wines has been a Memphis libation landmark as Tennessee’s premier wine and liquor outlet. Founded by R.M. “Buster” Hammond Jr. in 1954, Buster’s has grown into the largest spirits retailer in the state — stocking more than 10,000 items. In the wake of major market changes, Buster’s is now making way for a 6,000-square-foot expansion to increase its p...

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Only One Memphis Store Tries Out
Memphis Press Scimitar, August 1981

After a 42-year dry spell, Memphis liquor retailers appear hesitant to advertise their prices, even though it is now legal.

Only Buster's Liquors at 3493 Poplar has advertised its prices since the state ban on advertising was lifted July 31. Manager Michael Scruggs said today sales are running about 30 percent better than usual. Buster's first ad appeared in Friday's Press-Scimitar.

Other store managers have a wait-and-see attitude about advertising.

Jerry Palazol...

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Liquor Store Lifts Toast to Patron's Success
by Richard Provost
Memphis Press Scimitar, August 1982

Buster Hammond and his son Rommy say they enjoy the intoxicating scent of success because they follow two basic principles

"Treat people right and have good prices and you can't go wrong," the youngerHammond said.

Those principles, plus a basic human instinct, his father noted, have combined to make Buster's Liquors almost recession proof.

"People are going to buy whiskey, I don't care what!" said Hammond, a robust-looking man of 72. "They're goi...

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Big Business At Buster's
by Mary Hance
Superstar Retailer from Market Watch Magazine, 1989

Twenty-years ago when Rommy Hammond first set foot in the liquor and wine business, he knew he wanted to be big, and he wanted to have "the place" for Memphis-area wine lovers to shop.

Now he believes he has reached those goals with Buster's Liquors, which has grown to become Memphiss biggest liquor and wine store and the store with the biggest sales volume in the state of Tennessee.

In his office, centered behind his desk between the...

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Liquor Dealer Puts Spirit Into Work
by Susan Adler Thorpe
Commercial Appeal, November 1989

Although Romulus Hammond III stocks 4,200 labels of wine and 1,800 labels of whisky in 8,000 square feet of space, he likes to keep things simple.

Rather than go the high-tech route and computerize his liquor and wine business, Hammond keeps up with his massive inventory the way he always has done it in his head.

"If I had a computer keeping track of 6,000 items, it would take me a week to go over a print-out and figure out what I've got," said...

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Buster's Has It For Memphis
by Elaine Abadie
Beverage Retailer, September 1997

Selection and customer
service are the two keys to success for Buster's Liquors & Wines, Memphis' largest liquor store and one of Tennessee's top stores in beverage sales. The family-owned and operated business has a diverse stock of more than 3,700 premium wines, 85 single malt Scotches, 40 vodkas, 50 tequilas 50 blended whiskeys, 20 rums and 60 cognacs and brandies.

"We stock virtually everything new that comes along," say R.M. Hammond III, Buster...

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Buster's is Watching the Ballot

by Jack Robertiello

Beverage Dynamics, September 22, 2014

Buster’s is Watching the Ballot
When a company operates for nearly 60 years, dealing with change becomes part of its business DNA. But the owners of Buster’s Liquors and Wines, long known as Memphis, Tennessee’s premier wine and spirits shop, are in the midst of a serious shift. In what could be the most serious change in decades in the state’s wine and spirit retail business, Election Day looms as localities prepare to decide whether to alt...

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Sophisticated Taste
by John Branston
Memphis Magazine, November 2003

The five expansions at Buster's Liquors over the last four decades are easy to trace -
just look at the changing floor tiles, which indicates where a wall used to be. The shopping carts, busy checkout clerks, and walls of shelves bulging with bottles indicate that this is the largest volume dealer of wine and spirits inTennessee.

Three generations of Hammonds have run the business since it was founded by Buster Hammond in 1954. Several years ago, Bust...

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