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Why Would a Local Liquor Store Advertise in Destin?

by Memphis Business Journal, June 1990

Why would a local liquor store advertise in Destin Fla.? Romulus Hammond, owner of Buster's Liquor at Highland and Poplar, says he advertises in the skies over the Gulf Resort town because he runs into more Memphians there than when he's home.

Hammond has a small plane tow a banner on Thursdays over the beaches of Destin - nicknamed Little Memphis and Memphis Beach - wishing them a happy vacation.

He started the aerial promotions three years ago "as a way to stroke my ego," but stayed with them because they work. The flights cost $150 each and Hammond believes two Thursday runs reach most vacationers before they head home over the weekend.

"I think it's also nice to give people something from home they can smile about".

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