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Grenada Family Has Been Presented Video Set by Memphis Liquor Dealer

by Mrs. Guy Smith
Grenada, Mississippi Daily Sentinel-Start, August 1956

The entire McClamroch family may now enjoy top TV programs.

Recently Mrs. Kayo McClamroch was stopped, arrested, and fined in PanolaCounty for having in her possession some liquor purchased on a trip to Memphis. The occasion was a little party planned for some guests and friends in the evening following the dedication of the Grenada Dam on July 25.

Deputy Sheriff Leon Brown, who operates an eating establishment in Batesville, stopped the car having a search warrant already filled out based upon information alleged to be furnished by the sheriff's office by an informer.

Mrs. McClamroch stated that Deputy Brown complained that she had not returned from Memphis on schedule and had made him "late for his lunch."

Mrs. McClamroch was fined $125, including costs, for bringing the whiskey back with her.

The citizens of Batesville and Panola County, resenting the manner in which the sheriff's office, had handled the case, took up a collection and returned the fine to her.

It was stated by one of the delegation that came down to turn the money over to her, that the collection was made in denominations of quarters and half-dollars mostly and that they could have taken up $1,000 just as easily as they got up to $125.

Buster's whiskey Store, 1437 South Bellevue Ave., Memphis, owned and operated by Buster Hammond, from who she purchased the liquor, has purchased and presented the McClamroch family with a 21-inch Philco T-V set.

Mr. Hammond stated that "I count my customers as my guests. Naturally when you have a guest you want to treat that person with courtesy and consideration. I feel terrible about the whole situation and I hope that this gesture will make up for some of the embarrassment that this family has been caused."

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