a robust single-barrel program for whiskies, regularly stocking over a dozen offerings hand-selected by the store. (Photo by Hollis Bennett)

Future Commitment

Morgan and Joshua have largely run the business for the past 15 years, although Rommy still comes to the store for around half an hour every day. The brothers have kept the company’s longtime commitment to customer service. “We bend over backwards to do whatever the customer wants,” Rommy says. “That’s been consistent through the years. We used to open doors for the
guests as they came in and when they left. We have electronic doors now, but that smile and customer service are still there.”

Ever since the store was founded, Tennessee law limited Buster’s to a single location. That restriction has also changed, and the Hammonds are considering expansion beyond a single brick-and-mortar store. “We’ve made a few offers,” Joshua says. “We’d love to have another location in the more affluent areas of Memphis.” Online innovation hasn’t stopped either, and the company is planning to revamp the website later this year. “We’re meeting with a local marketing and PR firm to give us a refresh on our website look,” he adds, noting that the update won’t be a drastic change. “We hope to have that new look in place by the end of the summer.”

The changes all play a part in the overarching goal of keeping Buster’s Liquors & Wines modern and vibrant. “We’ve been a destination shop in our region for many years,” Joshua says. “I’d like to think we’ll be the ultimate destination shop from here on out.”

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