Blue Note Bourbon Juke Joint Uncut Whiskey **BUSTERS 3-Barrel Blend** 750ml - Buster's Liquors & Wines
Blue Note Bourbon Juke Joint Uncut Whiskey **BUSTERS 3-Barrel Blend** 750ml
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Blue Note Bourbon Juke Joint Uncut Whiskey **BUSTERS 3-Barrel Blend**


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Category Bourbon
Origin United States, Kentucky
Brand Blue Note Bourbon
Proof 93.00


We are thrilled to offer this jam packed bourbon blended of three muddy barrels that literally fell out of a warehouse during a collapse. Thankfully, the fall didn’t hurt the whiskey one bit!

In June of 2019, the rickhouse that stored much of Blue Note’s inventory collapsed in a terrible summer storm, spilling thousands of barrels and millions of dollars into the muck and mud. Most of the barrels were destroyed by the incredible force of nearly 10 million pounds crumbling six stories to the ground.

Some thought all was lost, but a special few somehow survived the disaster. Surviving the collapse, however, turned out to be only the beginning of the barrels’ journey.

For the next four months, the barrels were left exposed to the elements before the wreckage could be properly assessed and cleaned up. In these ensuing months, the sweltering summer heat bore down upon the barrels day after day, darkening the outside and forcing the bourbon inside incredibly deep into the oak. Several thunderstorms passed through as well, pummeling the barrels for days, causing their bands to later rust and break. As summer faded into fall, the nights grew colder, forcing the whiskey back out of the now worn oak. After the wreckage was cleaned up and every barrel was assessed, the company found that indeed some had survived.

We selected three of these 'muddy barrels' for this unique blend and feel they offer profound notes up front of orange peel followed by subtle cherry that ends with a maple caramel finish.  At first, it feels lighter on the palate with citrus notes and acidity, but does indeed have a heavier creamy finish.  At 119 Proof, it's surprisingly approachable neat, but a rock or two is just fine too.

Please enjoy this unique blend and our second 'back-label' (series of 3) of Gonna Huff, Gonna Puff And Blow Your Rickhouse Down that features this trio of barrels and pickers!

Morgan, Josh, and Britton


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