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Biolyte Electrolyte Rehydration Tropical 16 oz.
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Biolyte Electrolyte Rehydration Tropical

16 oz.

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BIOLYTE is the first liquid supplement that contains the same amount of electrolytes as an IV bag- that's the equivalent of drinking 7½ sports drinks.

Similar to how an IV Bag works, BIOLYTE uses two different kinds of salts that are key for rapid dehydration relief. These types of salts are also known as our major biological electrolytes. The balance between these two in our cells re-establishes homeostasis (stability) back in your body.

BIOLYTE has ⅓ the sugar of leading sports drinks. Our natural sugar helps fight nausea, cramps and fatigue.

BIOLYTE’s 10g of dextrose (sugar) helps your body move all of those electrolytes from the small intestine to the bloodstream, through a process called Sodium-Glucose Co-transport.

We chose dextrose because it’s a healthier sugar that helps with nausea, cramps and fatigue. Doctors add dextrose to patients IV Bags when they need energy quickly.

BIOLYTE was created by an anesthesiologist to be a drinkable IV bag with only one goal in mind: to help people feel better.

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