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Delamain Tres Venerable
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Delamain Tres Venerable

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Category Cognac
Region France, Cognac
Brand Delamain
Alcohol/vol 40%
Style: Extraordinary delicacy in a rich flavourful cognac. Length, full maturity and mellowness. Bouquet: Power of the perfumes, length of the fragrance. Perfect balance between maturity of the bouquet and apparent lightness. Floral and spice aromas give way to complex scents of underwood, raisins, vanilla, liquorice, honey (rancio). Savour: Fullness, deep maturity, extreme mellowness. Intense and complex fruitiness. Assertive yet tender fragrance. Colour: Brilliant amber-topaz with a wonderful soft golden clarity.
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The complex bouquet features scents of holiday spice, vanilla bean, marzipan, candied almond, honey, old sweet oak, and dark toffee. The palate entry is fruity and spirity warm; the midpalate includes tastes of honey, orange peel, baked pear, cinnamon, vanilla, cocoa, and rancio. Finishes as elegantly and assertively as it began.

November 3, 2006