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Paul Achs Lust & Leben 2018
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Paul Achs Lust & Leben 2018


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Category Red Wine
Region Austria, Burgenland
Brand Paul Achs
Alcohol/vol 12.5%
Well-drained soil and the warm Pannonian climate gives Lust & Leben a ripe and generous fruit character while also being approachable and easy to drink. The wine is both ripe and savory with ripe cherry fruit and refreshing profile with no taste of wood despite 18 months aging in used barrels. Neighboring Hungary influences Burgenland's cuisine, and it's not unusual to find dishes like goulash or stuffed peppers in the region, all liberally spiced with paprika. Burgenland's red wines are well-suited to complement these hearty and spicy flavors but offer broad versatility at the table thanks to its firm acidity and savory character.