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Ghost River Brewing 1887 IPA 1/6 Barrel
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Ghost River Brewing 1887 IPA

1/6 Barrel

Ghost River 1887 IPA commemorates the first year that the famous Memphis Sands Aquifer was tapped. Now over 100 years later, Ghost River Brewing has turned Memphis' water into an aggressively dry-hopped beer IPA (India Pale Ale), using Columbus Hops. Columbus Hops are earthy, spicy, pungent, with some citrus overtones. Not overwhelmingly citrus like Cascade. High on the bitter scale and valued for its oil content, Columbus Hops have an interesting dichotomy of sharp and herbal, surprisingly pleasant aroma. Pair this beer with hot spicy foods such as Mexican dishes, Thai, or hot Indian curries. Try it with sharp cheddar and other strong cheeses.
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